General Ross personality change

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  In the marvel universe the gamma radiation is supposed be some form of enlightment that unlock your inner desire, doormat personality, higher conscience off yourself and much more. The Hulk is supposed to represent different aspect of Bruce Banner personality and his split personality for example the savage represent Bruce Banner rage and inner child, the grey hulk(Joe Fixt) represent Bruce Banner teenage rebellious side, the guilt hulk respresent Bruce Banner guilt then you have the Devil Hulk who represent Bruce Banner hate and resentment. The Gamma radiation change  Samuel Stern aka the Leader by unlocking his inner desire to be extremely intelligent the gamma radiation was said to change Jennifer Walters by increasing her personality. When i saw the Red Hulk my first thought at first was of General Ryker because of the tactics and intelligence that the red hulk displayed, General Ryker was also a highly skilled military strategist. At that time i was not thinking of how the gamma radiation affected the subject i was thinking of which indivdual possessed the skills the red Hulk had i did not care to think that the gamma radiation might give him good leadership and tactical skills that why i always thought that that the red Hulk was General Ryker. Which was why i was surprised that it General Ross. I am in no way doubting General Ross leadership and tactical(of course he had to be good he was the general to be a military general you need to have good tactical skills, intelligence gathering and leadership skills) but again i was in no way thinking of the gamma ray affect the subject i was thinking of the indivdual skills. Do you the gamma change personality because of his desire to be a strong military leader and make America a better country.

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I think he touched on this. I am paraphrasing but Ross said something that he embraced his Red Hulk powers while Banner rejected and feared them. this fear or lack of embrasing them is what caused to fluctuations in power and mental acumen. Ross fully embraced his and wanted to be able to beat the Hulk (which he did) Effectively making him one with his change. So that just the Red Hulk was nothing more than a supped up version of General Ross. Adding to the fact that he had classified intel on almost every superhero.

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 You just said what i thought when Red Hulk revealed himselve to be General Ross. Prior to that i just thinking of which indivdual subject had the cunning intellect and leadership skills that Red Hulk displayed just liike you i suspect that his skills and personality were amp up when turn into Red Hulk.
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