What's with Thunderball's wrecking ball

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I'd like to know just how he keeps getting another wrecking ball after every defeat. In Thor #304 the Wrecking Crew's first battle against Thor didn't Thunderball leave his wrecking ball at the battle when he ran away. So how did he get it back in his next appearance Iron Man #171 there have been other times when this happened too.

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In my opinion I'd say it has something to do with wrecking ball's magical properties, and seeing as how it has never been explained it's could be one of those situations where you just interpret it however you want. Like unless it's magically contained, over an extended period of time the wrecking ball magically finds it way back to Thunderball, or because of the weapon's importance it just issue you can safely assume Dr. Franklin has contingencies for.

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(Which is actually a shockingly plausible explanation.)

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