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The Thunder Machine, pride of the Dreadnoks, is without a doubt the ugliest vehicle ever to roll out of their compound. Patched together from spare parts of jet fighters, tanks, racecars, family sedans and whatever else happened to be lying around at the time, the Thunder Machine defies the very laws of physics every time it is driven. It almost never breaks down, can take a beating almost as well as a H.I.S.S. tank (Thrasher

would say better than a H.I.S.S.) and it packs one of the most devastating weapons every bolted to the hood of a vehicle. It's a beast - but it works.

The Thunder Machine weighs in at 4.2 tons and has a top road speed of 115 MPH and a cross-country speed of 53 MPH and a fully loaded range of 750 miles. It is armed with 2 x 20mm chain guns with a linked ammo-feed system, with 2,500 rounds of High Explosive Dual Purpose ammunition.

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