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Thumbelina is an immortal teenage superhero/stripper, one of many eternally young superheroines who work in the seedy "super porn" business. She currently works for/with the web-group "Eternal Superteens". She once starred in an X-rated film called "Pocket Girls 2", where she claims she was "daubed with peanut-butter". 
Thumbelina can shrink herself using a special shrinking serum which she has to inject into herself. Her purse is also outfitted as a tiny flying device which she can use to get around while miniature. 
While appearing at a superhero convention, she was approached by Alix Harrower, the Bulleteer, with questions about one of Thumbelina's co-workers, Sally Sonic. Thumbelina explained that Sally typically liked to seduce men into leaving their normal, non-powered wives and lovers with promises of superheroics and glory.

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