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Brief History

When Technet returned to Excalibur, Thug, along with the rest of his team (excluding Gatecrasher) joined/formed the hero group N-Men and were mentored by Night Crawler.

Thug's a quaint little powerhouse: He's barely five feet tall, but he's the team's resident Strong Guy! In addition, he's as loquacious as Dr. Henry McCoy, but has a speech pattern like the Olde English of Thor. He's not in Captain Britain's league for power, but he's alright


Thug is powerfully muscled and is usually engaged in hand-to-hand combat, possibly superhuman, strength and excellent fighting skills


X-Men The Animated Series

Thug, along with the other Technet were seen in just a glance, on the animated series in Proteus, Part 1 (Episode 49)

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