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Thug went to prison and was eventually released. Thatcher forced Ruby to let him stay at her house, and to assist in his plan to take revenge on Thor. He came upon the idea of freeing the criminal Zaniac (Brad Wolfe) and having him kill Jane Foster. Zaniac ended up slaying Ruby. Zanic was then shot by Thatcher's agent Kellen and dozens of creatures burst forth. Kellen tried to fight them off, but one of them bit Thatcher transforming him into the next Zaniac. Thatcher as the Zaniac killes Kellen, and then kills Jane Foster. Thor traveled back in time seconds after the death of Zaniac (Brad Wolfe) and saves Jane Foster. All of the Zaniac vermin were killed before they could infect anyone else. Thatcher dies of a heart attack from the stress of nearly being bitten by one of the vermin.

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