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Created by Carl Critchlow (Batman, Lobo, Judge Dredd) in 1981 when still at college, Thrud was soon picked up by the RPG magazine White Dwarf and rampaged through its pages in a monthly strip.

Thrud has since made his way into full length comics, and if you've never read one, get to your local comic shop and bag one now.

Modeled on an 'Arnie' type Conan, Thrud is distinctive for his massive frame and tiny head; you only need a big brain after all if you need to talk your way out of trouble. Not known for his intellect, Thrud's axe has always done his talking whether he's stomping a dragon or laying waste to an entire town during a battle with his arch-nemesis, 'The Black Currant'.

Thrud's life does have purpose though, albeit it's not a grand one. He lives for popping down to his local, the Hobbit's Armpit, (although latterly it's been the 'Lobster & Drum'), quaffing a few tankards of ale, starting a fight in which everyone else in the pub is beaten senseless or sliced into their component parts, all so he can secure the sole affections of any of the local wenches who happen to be there that evening! Hurrah!

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