jonas_shade's Thrud The Barbarian #1 - Carborundum Capers review

I nearly damaged myself laughing!

Thrud is tremendous fun and Carl Critchlow's art is brilliant. I was always a huge fan of Thrud from his days as a one page strip in White Dwarf magazine and was surprised to find him still going years later and finally appearing in his first full length book.

I bought the book out of nostalgia seriously doubting that I would still find him as appealing as I did when I was a teenager or that he would work in a book this length after the compact one page fun of old. He hasn't changed a bit and he's even better over the course of a full length story. I loved this! My only complaint if any is that this isn't a monthly title, the world needs more Thrud.

Go out and track down every Thrud comic you can you will be chortling for days after reading it.

THWOP! 'Right More Beer'.


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