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Greatest book not one is reading.

(Sorry, this is a new account. Katz banned me for making fun of his ridiculous 5 star reviews of every book and movie he reads.)

Threshold #6. As par for the course it really good. Caul, Brainiac, Giffen, it's all pretty cool. The big surprise is Star Hawkins. I was not excited about SH as the new backup story. How could anyone follow Larfleeze. I figured for sure they would go big and make it Lobo or Omega Men but instead they went with... Star Hawkins. I had to get out my DC Who's Who to even figure out who the heck this is. To add insult to injury the new penciler is none other than the most underrated comic artist Timothy Green II. But man, was I wrong. Giffen and Green put out a back story worthy of the extra buck I had to shell out. Seriously, just when they let us know the book is being cancelled Giffen and Green raise the stakes. I felt like an old issue of Heavy Metal Magazine. It is a shame DC readers are too dim to get on something as cool as this.

Oh well, I hear Giffen and JM DeMatthias are working on a DC 3000 book, maybe people will be cool enough to give that a chance.


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