Threshold #2

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The Good

Before I get into the details of this book, I have to say something about the opening page to THRESHOLD 2. It is the best opening page to a comic I have ever read. It's ridiculous and over-the-top hilarious. This may sound weird, but I don't even want to describe it because I want this page to give you the same feelings it gave me when I first read it.

THRESHOLD is a book I picked up on a whim, last month, not thinking too much about it. I didn't know anything about it, and I was reluctant to read it because of this. After reading this second issue, I'm fully on board, and this is a book officially on my pull list.

Jamie Reyes (Blue Beetle) makes his way into this issue, and it's a fantastic fit. It takes a while to explain how he got there, but the character works well in this world, on the planet Tolerance. This is a planet where people kill each other for bounties, and while that's not in Reyes' nature, he still has to defend himself, while others are coming after him. He's a very science-fiction based character. I like what writer Keith Giffen is doing with the character here.

This book has a very solid art team featuring Tom Raney as the artist and Andrew Dalhouse as the colorist. Their work really shines in these larger panels. I love the detail and inking work in the panels, and there is a scene, comprised of five panels, which features Stealth, in a silhouette stabbing the heck out of some people. It's a stand-out moment for the issue, and easily one of the coolest looking action sequences in comics this week.

I've seen a few complaints about the Captain Carrot (K'Rot in the new 52) reboot. Yeah, it's weird that the character was rebooted, but I love him in this series. They took a silly character and made him worthwhile. The design is very cool looking. I really like his jacket and suit underneath. It's a solid color scheme. Plus, he's got a robot rabbit leg. It may be one of my favorite New 52 designs of a classic, silly DC character.

Well, that Larfleeze back-up continues to be amazing. He's trying to get his lantern back, in this issue, so he tries to "hire" some smugglers to get his stuff back. I say "hire" because that would mean Larfleeze would give something in return for the service, which you know isn't happening. It's incredibly well-written, by Keith Giffen, and hilarious. I really enjoy Scott Kolins' art on the issue, and this is what other comic back-ups should try to strive for, to be as entertaining as the main book.

The Bad

My only real problem with this issue, and series as a whole, is that I'm so new to the science-fiction and cosmic side of DC. My knowledge begins and ends with "Green Lantern." So there's a lot of really new concepts and characters being thrown at me here, which can lead to a bit of confusion. It's the same problem I had with the first issue. In addition, the book moves a bit fast. It's not as new reader friendly as a new series should be. However, at the same time, dumbing this down for new readers is a bad idea. So, I'll just have to deal with my confusion.

The Verdict

THRESHOLD is the science fiction comic DC readers deserve. Sure, there's a ton of stuff being thrown at you, which at times, can get confusing, but everything your reading is awesome. The creative team on this book compliments each other extremely well, and I was quite happy to see how well the Blue Beetle fit into the issue. I'm a big fan of the Captain K'Rot reboot, and that Larfleeze back up is oh so awesome. This is a book you really should jump on to. It's a bit out there, but it's all good.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue.


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