themess1428's Threshold #1 - The Hunted; Nine Tenths of the Law review

Oh, Larfleeze...

This is the first real review of a comic book so I used the side feature, "This Just In," of my show, "Messed Up!". I kinda liked it but I'm not entirely sold on the comic.


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    Threshold #1 Review 0

    ***SPOILER FREE REVIEW***I have to say, I wasn't coming into this comic with very high expectations. We have a survival, battle royale-type story that can be difficult to write. A story like this with characters on the run necessitates both strong action sequences, along with interesting characters who we want to root for. Luckily for us, Keith Giffen and the rest of the creative team is able to deliver both in spades.While many people have been mentioning the similarities of this comic to the H...

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    Let This Genre Book Live! 0

    I am REALLY bummed that my budget for comic extras got slashed right before this issue came out because I absolutely LOVE the variant cover for this issue so damn much. It's a representation of my complete and utter joy at Larfleeze getting the closest thing to a solo ongoing series that makes sense. An ongoing co-feature. Frankly, that's good enough for me. The fact that the cover is totally awesome is just gravy. The main cover's pretty good too, but it's hard for me to muster up positive feel...

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