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Originally consisting of Colin, Dun, and Posey, the Three Little Pigs were able to escape from their homeland to the Mundane world with the rest of the Fables during the Adversary's military campaign. However, due to their inhuman appearance, the Pigs were sent upstate to the Farm to lessen the chance of human interaction. Dun and Posey were fine with this arrangement, but Colin chafed at his confinement. Considering himself to be a city pig, he would often escape from the Farm and crash on Bigby's couch, claiming that the former Big Bad Wolf owed him for destroying his house many centuries earlier. 
Meanwhile, many of the non-human Fables began to grow discontented with their lot in life and staged an uprising after Colin was brought back to the Farm. Goldilocks killed Colin and placed his head on a stake in the center of town, trying to give the revolution a symbol, and then the coup began. After Snow White decided to wake the slumbering giants from Wolf Valley, the coup was contained and the war crimes trials began. For having conspired against the other Fables, Posey and Dun were beheaded, leaving all of the Three Little Pigs dead. 

Knowing that the mundies needed pigs to fill the role of one of their favorite fairy tales, Rose Red came up with a plan to have the three giants--Johnny, Donny, and Lonny--permanently transformed into a new set of pigs, stating that it didn't matter to the fairy tale what the pigs' names were only so long as there were three of them. 

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