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In the Homelands, the Three Blind Mice (known as Leland, Prescott, and Thaddeus), like many other Fables, found themselves on the run from the Adversary's troops. They ended up staying with a miscellaneous group of Fables led by King Cole who kid out in an old cave waiting for the evil troops to leave. King Cole always made sure that his subjects had food before him, leading to his near starvation. The other gathered Fables decided to sneak out of the cave and look for food, stumbling upon a farm house. The mouse brothers elected to be the spies in the house, which leads to the unfortunate incident where their tales were cut off with a carving knife. The small enclave were able to successfully leave the Homelands and migrate to the Mundane world, where the trio was moved out to the Farm.

Character Development


The characters of the Three Blind Mice are often used for a bit of comic relief in the Fables stories. The mice brothers often use fallacious reasoning to get themselves into odd predicaments. For instance, they will claim that each will get a brand new castle in the Homelands simply because no one told them they would not get a castle. 

Physical Appearance

When the Three Blind Mice first appeared on the Farm in Fables #6, there were subtle differences 
Original appearance of the 3 Blind Mice 
 in their appearances.All three mice wore red bandannas over their eyes and one of the brothers had a spoon for a staff. Their next appearance established their permanent look of small, black sunglasses and canes. 

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