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The Yellow Claw, ever seeking ways to gain power, used a brain-wave detector and found the very powerful brain-waves of Barnaby Wade is Riverdale. Wade had made a giant chicken and a cat sized elephant with his mind. Wade told Yellow Claw that he could create anything that came to mind with his thoughts, but it always weakened him. The Yellow Claw convinced him to partner with him. 
Using Vitamin X to maintained his strength, Wade began working for the Yellow Claw. Vitamin X also made his susceptible to Yellow Claw's whims. He had Wade create a lion to kill Jimmy Woo. After killing the lion, the Yellow Claw's grand-niece Suwan contacted Woo about Yellow Claw's plan. Susan and Woo together went to confront Yellow Claw at his hideout. 
The Yellow Claw made Wade create an army of soldiers to fight for him, but mysteriously (possibly because of his subconscious?) the "thought soldiers" turned on Yellow Claw. Woo arrived and Yellow Claw fled. Wade asked for more Vitamin X but Woo explained that was how Yellow Claw gained power over him. 
Barnaby Wade has never been seen since, and no explanation has been given for his powers.

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