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 The monstrous Thorr.
An archeologist named Linus and his wife Helen travel to a newly discovered volcanic island in the South Pacific to study the large, stone statues displayed on the island. The villagers tell Linus that the stone giants have been there for ages, before their ancestors first inhabited the island. Linus started to dig around the statue when he discovered a mysterious chamber. Linus entered the chamber and walked by an electric eye. Linus accidentally activated a signal that brought the stone statue to life. The mighty Thorr told the humans that their leaders sent out an expedition party a million years ago where they had planted their agents on all the planets in the universe. The plan was to activate them when they reached larger numbers and conquer the universe. Linus told Thorr that he alone could conquer their civilization and needed no aid. Thorr took the bait and scanned the entire island, believing that small piece of land was the Earth's entire civilization. Thorr would destroy the village and conquer the entire island. Thorr activated a light beacon and more members of his race arrived in a large spacecraft. Linus traveled to the top of the island volcano when Thorr was preoccupied with his race and threw some dynamite into the mouth of the volcano. The explosion caused the volcano to erupt and the lava destroyed their spacecraft. Thorr and his other stone brothers were forced off the island and sank to the bottom of the ocean due to their gigantic size and weight. 

Powers & Abilities

Thorr was a stone giant that possessed superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury.

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