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Thorion as The Celestial
During one adventure, L'ok D'saad, he for whom Thorion was traded, sought to use the Mother Cube and its Infinity Essence to awaken The Sleeping One called Surtur and bring about a second Ragnarok that would end everything. Thorion, however, invoked the power of The Source via his hammer to halt L'ok's evil wishes. But because of the great energies released during their conflict, Thorion was remade into a cosmic being known as The Celestial.
Thorion fighting in The Destiny War
The Destiny War

Years later, an alternate version of Thorion was one the Avengers seen fighting against an anthromorphic alternate reality version of The Black Panther and what appeared to be an alternate reality Iron Man during The Destiny War. It was never revealed whether or not this Thorion had come from a "good" timeline or a timeline that had gone dark and destructive.

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