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"Grounded" for our Needs

Two Brothers. Two Enemies

“For Asgard!” Norse mythology has never looked better than it did in the most recent Marvel Studious movie: Thor. Thanks to Comic Vine’s 3-Minute Expert my Thor knowledge was elevated but when I watched this movie I could not really call myself a Thor aficionado. Then again, Marvel Studios has been doing an amazing job at introducing characters that non-comic book readers are unfamiliar with.

Why was this a good movie? Besides that fact that the casting was amazing and the costumes were exceptional, the story did a great job at grounding such a “god-sized” story (Pun intended). Like I said before Thor has never been a franchise in the Marvel Universe which I dwelled too much into before, yet there was little to no moment in which I felt lost by terms such as “Asgard”, “Bifrost” or “Midgard”.

The plot was simple; an arrogant, pompous prince about to be crowned king did not prove to be humble enough for the new title. As punishment he is stripped of his god-like powers and is sent to Earth where humans live. That is where he falls in love with an astrophysicist who has spent her life indirectly looking for someone like him. Add a few ice monsters, an evil step brother and some comedic companions and you’ve got Thor.

Warriors Three

Everything is easy to follow for the exception of a concept, which I am aware of because I read comics: Odin Sleep. While in the theaters I had to explain what the sudden slumber of the “All-Father” was to my non-comic book friends.

The special effects where nothing spectacular but they harmonized with the movie’s ambience very well. From Thor’s thunder-strikes to the fire blasts from the deadly Destroyer there was not a moment when I could easily point out obvious CGI. Same goes for the Asgard setting. Usually super hero movies tend to be too fantastic when it comes to fake settings but in this movie the sets looked like they could be real places. Just one suggestion, no need to watch it in 3D since the light composition thorough the movie is very dark. Anybody with sensitive eye sight might be bothered more than amazed by the few 3 dimensional effects.

As we all know this movie is one of many setting up for Marvel’s 2012 massive crossover: The Avengers. Thor fit in with the previous three movies very well. There is an abundance of “Easter Eggs” which tie into SHIELD, Iron Man, Hulk and even Captain. I think Thor has been Marvel Studios’ best work so far.

While the movie does has its faults, like understandable inconsistencies with comic book history, it is an amazing movie overall. As a movie itself it does not meet up with the standards set by blockbuster movies like Inception or even Black Swan but as a comic book movie it is up there with Iron Man and Batman Begins.

My verdict is a clear 5 out of 5 rating for this “out of this world” movie.


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