Zoloft for Thor!

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Lets all chip in and get Thor some anti-depressants so that we can see his adventures again and not just his low points. I would love to see Thor go back into space like he did way back. He was happier then.

PS: Where are all Thor's villains? Is his book meant to be a drama now?

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Which issues are you talking about?

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Since he was resurrected till now the feel of his comics has been way more serious and depressing overall. Its been like a big pity party. He is more like his old self when he is not in his own comic. I understand the need to look at the character in a new light but im not sure I like the way its going. I am more of a fan of Thor the adventurer. Also the lack of fights is a little bit perplexing. I don't think there should be major battles every comic I just feel like there should be a few more than now. But who knows maybe its just me.

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Did you read JMS's run on Thor?
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I loved the way JMS handled Thor's resurrection.  Then again maybe I like a more serious tone in my comics.  Fraction said it best when he described the JMS Thor run as "Macbeth meets Northern Exposure."

Have you read World Eaters?  That may be more to your liking.

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I liked the resurrection but it slowly started to turn darker and the feeling of dispare was thick. In minis this is fine and I like it but long run it is tiring. Didn't read World eaters but I liked Avengers Prime.

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Thor is great, but his comic could be better.
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I agree. The stories could be better.  They could be worser also.  Who remembers El Toro Rojo?  How about  the  Mongoose?   All fights are not classics.

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