Would you say the following between Thor and Herc are true?

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A lot of claims/comparisons are made about these two so I thought I would try and summarize the thoughts. Unless stated otherwise all of these are regarding Thor and Hercules on a purely physical level with no extra powers like Thor's storm abilities.

1. Thor and Hercules are both highly skilled unarmed fighters.

2. Both are highly skilled armed fighters. Both are very good with bludgeon weapons. Hercules is probable a bit better with some Greek weapons like a discus or a bow and arrow and Thor is probable better with a sword. (Seriously, how often is Thor seen with or noted to be good with a discus and the same for Hercules with a sword.) However, both are no doubt skilled to some degree with both just not ultimate masters of them.

3. Thor and Hercules are under normal circumstances physical equal in the strength department.

4. Thor and Hercules are overall equal in battle.

5. Hercules is SLIGHTLY more skilled with h2h due to inventing Pankration and fighting 99% of the time without a weapon.

6. Thor is SLIGHTLY more skilled with a war hammer/mace weapon due to fighting with Mjolnir 99% of the time.

7. Hercules h2h = Thor w/Mjolnir

8. Hercules w/Mace = Thor unarmed

9. Thor with his full energy powers is too much for Hercules.


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All are true to an extent 9 is questionable  

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I'd say it's pretty accurate. When Thor and Herc are fighting Thor never really uses the wide scope of powers his hammer gives him, and just slugs it out. If he did however, i don't see Herc winning. On the other hand, Herc never uses his Lion Skin either.

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