would kingpin be a good THOR villain?

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I've been thinking. Since superman's main villain is Lex luther who is powerful without any type of superpowers.

could Kingpin push THOR like Lex has pushed around Superman?

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I dont think so. Kingpin is not nearly as ingenius or as finacially powerful as Lex. Lex was President. Fisk donated to a few charities. The closest Human on Lexes level is Norman. Who is nearly as ruthlessly cunning, and manipulative. He also weasled his way into a position that placed him nearly on the same bar as the President. Norman convinced some characters worshipped as Gods to work under him. Hell actual Gods. And the great thing about Lex, is that he has the brilliance to create suits or weapons, that allow him to challenge Superman physically as well. Norman has the tech and intelligence to give Thor, far more Trouble then Kingpin.

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Fisk wants to be rich and powerful, but not to the point where his every move would be watched like it would if he were President.

Norman did try to mess with Thor but siege ended pretty awfully for him.

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@guardian_of_gravity: Yeah I know. I just wanted to point out he would be the type to attack Thor before Fisk would even try. He is that much of a Lunatic and smug bastard.

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How would he affect Thor?

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No, Kingpin is strictly street level. Luthor has a lot of things going for him that allow him to face off against Superman.

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...Lol. I forgot to remember that whenever I see THOR in all caps it means I'm in for a silly, silly thread.

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@joygirl said:

...Lol. I forgot to remember that whenever I see THOR in all caps it means I'm in for a silly, silly thread.

this bothers you because...you have absolutely nothing better to do with your life. I am correct.

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No he wouldn't, I don't believe it can be debated. Further more neither would Lex, while he can trifle with Superman over in Dc, genius and all Thor would not play with Luthor. If Thor saw Luthor as a threat he would have no issue with getting rid of him forever, unlike Superman. I see no reason to bring Luthor up here in comparison to Kingpin, neither would suffice as enemies of Thor.

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No, Kingpin would not. Nowhere near intelligent enough, doesn't have the right resources, and any reason for him to be in conflict with Thor would probably be really contrived and complicated, since they're in different corners of the MU.

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@thorson: Do you have... any particular reason you put "Thor" in all caps all the time?

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Lex Luthor hurts Superman because Clark allows him to.

Thor would bitch-slap a mortal rich boy and wouldn't bother. While Thor generally values all life on Earth, he has no qualms about eliminating a major threat.

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No. Fisk is the Kingpin of "crime." He doesn't want the world in his hands.

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Oh please.

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