Will Thor wear his helmet in The Avengers or Thor sequel?

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Anyone want to speculate whether or not Thor will sport his winged helmet in The Avengers movie? If not the Avengers, what about the Thor sequel?

I haven't seen any images with him wearing the helmet.

Do you care whether or not he wears one? I would prefer him to wear it at least once. I mean, Cap wears a mask, why can't the actor wear the helmet? It won't obscure his face that much.

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in the very beginning and at the very end. probably not much helmet besides that.

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Probably not Comic book movies have to appeal to non fans to so Thor has to be pretty and helmets are apparently not considered sexy.

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No. In every trailer for Avengers he doesn't. He wore it only briefly in Thor. I doubt he'll ever wear it again.

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In the avengers, no. In the sequel, I have no idea.

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He should be =/, it looks nice

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I'd like to see it, but they have to do away with this version.

I think something similar to the traditional comics version would work alot better in a practical sense and also end up being more aesteticly appealing

Simpler is better.

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Unhappily, I don't think he will wear it.

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@Asagod said:

Unhappily, I don't think he will wear it.

Sadly, I agree.

Chris Hemsworth is sexy and all, but just wish he'd wear it when he's fighting! Then take it off when just casual or talking etc.

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i want him to, but he won;t.

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Nah he won't, they made it more of a ceremonial piece in Thor it seems. So I doubt we'll see him wearing it again anytime soon.

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