why did thor rebuild asgard over oklahoma

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I dont understand why did Thor rebuild asgard over america when he could have done it back in its own magical dimension? I mean didnt balder even say that the gods were weaker on earth then in asgard? this makes no sense for thor to do that/ so does anyone know why did thor rebuild asgard over oklahoma?

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cause marvel has the most inept writers writing Thor, but thankfully Aaron is here to save the day..

In Thor GOT Gorr Arc Finale... Asgard is back where it should be though - in the future with All Father Thor

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well another thing is that why dont the nordic gods seem to have a lot of actual magic powers? is that supposed to be consistant with norse myth were magic was seen as "sissy" or cause they just where lazy or something else at marvel?

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@rondoudou:He put it in Oklahoma because he wanted asgard to feel the connection to midgard that thor has or something like that. It's been awhile. It was actually really cool. JMS left the book before his story was told though so who knows if the Asgard in Oklahoma thing would have been fleshed out more or not.

@phisigmatau: JMS is not an inept writer. He was one of the best writers thor has had recently.

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but he would put his own people at an disadvantage,as gods are supposed to be weaker while on earth which doesnt seem to make a lot of sense....

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JMS' run on Thor was successful but the only blight was placing Asgard over Oklahoma. It was a way to Bendis-ize Asgardians and Thor by putting them in direct conflict with the whole "post-civil war" garbage. I wouldn't be surprised if it was editorially mandated, as Quesada and company had a hard on for deconstructing everything and anything superheroic, especially if it was magic or cosmic based.

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Asgardians would be weakened but wouldn't they still be stronger than a human

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1. Thor put Asgard on Oklahoma to try and break from the old way of doing things and letting Asgardians get closer to mortals. In an interview JMS stated in the real world a stone covered with runes dating back to viking times was found there and hinted that was going to be tied into it. This was ruined when Thor was tricked into returning Asgard's enemies and both Thor and Balder's inept leading of Asgard.

2. Asgard has from time to time shown that some of them study magic and are capable wizards. However, with the warrior tradition they have at times shown a disdain for magic instead relying on physical prowess. From time to time they have demonstrated some magical abilities, but it is inconsistant and they mainly use magical items.

3. All gods in general suffer from a loss of power when they have to fight Marvel. There is no in-story reason other than you cannot have Captain America be completely useless against a superpowered being. That is why almost no matter the god as long as they are aloof and distant they can be as powerful as you would think, but the moment they have to throw down with a mortal or spend a prolonged period of time with them their powers mostly disappear.

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@rondoudou: he did it because in the RAGNAROCK storyline the actual realm was destroyed as in no Asgard realm for the city of Asgard to be in.

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@seekquaze: Dude option three is just plane wrong.

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I'm pretty sure you guys are all overthinking this, chances are Thor built Asgard in Oklahoma because he liked the scenery plus throughout the series I'm sure he had a thing for the old lady at the motel-thing.

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The real reason: Odin is a Kevin Durant fan.

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@z3ro180 said:

@rondoudou: he did it because in the RAGNAROCK storyline the actual realm was destroyed as in no Asgard realm for the city of Asgard to be in.

I am pretty sure this was the reason, but it has been a while so I could be wrong.

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@z3ro180 said:

@seekquaze: Dude option three is just plane wrong.

I thought Plane Wrong was wiped out along with Asgardian space? LOL, jk.

He isn't wrong about his point though. They basically put Asgard in Oklahoma so that Bendis can destory it. Marvel went through a near 10 year period of constantly tearing everything down in an attempt to "darken" the universe.

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@haveatthee: When JMS started to write Thor he was doing his own thing bendis had nouthing to do with what JMS was writieng. JMS left because Marvel wanted to bring Thor into a whole big crossover event (Seige) but he did not want to do that so he finished his run on Thor and went on to do other things.

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Because he likes to watch the Sooners

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@z3ro180 said:

@seekquaze: Dude option three is just plane wrong.

I don't think so. Look at Ares. According to Marvel, virtually all of the myths are true including Ares' own creation of the Styphlion birds. If the myths are true then shapeshifting would be a power of his which he demonstrated once in the seventies. From time to time he showed some magical ability. According to the Herc series by Pak Ares always had an armory of powerful magical weapons. Yet once he became an Avenger he never used any magic what so ever.

Look at the other gods. Back in the nineties/early 2000s Balder and a couple of other gods were enough to defeat an entire Middle Eastern army armed with modern weaponry. Nowadays a god is barely at Spider-Man's level. Hera armed with the thunderbolt (power) of Zeus could only stalemate Athena. Hera could already shoot energy bolts. All this gave her is lighting. Go back in the beginning of Marvel and the Asgardians were more like the New Gods from DC. They were highly advanced beings both magical and technological. This became less and less over the decades to nowadays where the are permanently stuck in the Dark Ages and ignorant to boot. The other gods in general have suffered from this going from the fantastic to the mundane. And since SIEGE was brought up in this conversation, one of the SIEGE tie-ins had Captain America casually defeating the U-Foes while holding a conversation with Nick Fury who is drinking a beer. The same U-Foes who regularly give the Hulk trouble and trounced Thor at the beginning of the event.

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@z3ro180: And yet JMS left and never finished his story because Quesada and Bendis wanted to demolish Asgard in "Siege." I bet it's no mere coincidence that JMS had Thor place Asgard over Oklahoma to leave it there permanently. At the very least, his story seemed to be veering in the direction of the Asgardians greatly abhorring the idea of remaining in Midgard and I wouldn't be shocked if JMS later revealed that he had plans to return Asgard back to its own realm. As soon as Thor vol. 3 began Bendis and Quesada immediately moved to make plans to destroy it, because Marvel was in a "deconstructing" binge during that part of the decade.

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He did it because some goofy editor or writer thought it would be a good idea for a story.

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