Why did they change Ultimate Thor's look?

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Maybe I missed the issue. But why did they change his Hammer and Look to the latter one?

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@gravitypress: Something about how before Thor was mortal and had to use tech to replicate his powers. But after the whole Loki thing he got his Asgardian powers and his old hammer back. I hate it though!!!! They just made him a very bad imitation of regular Thor!
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@Mr. Dead Pool: I agree Ultimate Thor had a distinctive look. I liked it.
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@gravitypress: And Ultimate Mjolnir looked way cooler! I mean I like classic Mjolnir but Ultimate just looked bad ass!!!
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@Mr. Dead Pool: When i first saw that hammer i thought it was an axe then i thought it was a hammer so i called it a HAXER hammer and axe combined.
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Loeb came along and wanted a different look, personality and speech pattern.  I don't know if he ever explained why.  Hitchman wrote an Ultimate Thor mini series to give a background to Ultimate Thor and try and explain some of the radical differences between Loeb and Millar's versions of Thor.  The original Mjolnir was the stone hammer look.  When he was reborn on Earth he didn't have any of his powers so he had to duplicate them with technology.  It was only at the end of Ultimates 2 that his divinity was restored and Thor got his powers back.

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The old hammer fit him more.

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