Who's the most powerful person Thor has defeated and...?

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Who's the weakest person he lost too regardless of PIS or non cannon.?

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Superman, hahaha. Seriously though, mongoose maybe?

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@kameo: Kameo why are you spamming so many threads?

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Glory,was the most powerful I've seen . Sentry and the fight in fear was good.

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Amped version of Hulk which is Nul, Glory and Sentry.

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Was Glory more powerful than the Serpent in Fear Itself which was stronger than Odin.

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How powerful is glory compared to say galactus?

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Gotta hand it to the Thunder God. He has taken it to two celestials on two separate occasions. Not that he DEFEATED them, but, the guy is fearless. Toughest opponent he has beaten? In JMS run, he not only defelcted a visor blast from the Destroyer but simply BFR'd him after. He has driven back Galactus with a god-blast. As King Thor, he defeated every hero on earth, including killing Hulk and Thing at the same time. He decapitated the Destroyer (occupied by Desak). He killed an insane Robert Reynolds/Sentry/Void creature. He one shotted a Serpent amped Hulk into orbit after defeating a Serpent amped Thing. Weakest person he has lost to? Probably Mongoose (one of Spider-Man's) and some dude called the Druid or Demon-Druid or some such. Yeah, all the heavies have had their bright moments...and their not so shining moments.

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@Cap10nate: Thas a trick question considering Glory had taken out pantheons and pantheons of Gods ! I would have to say yes, and most of the times things fall on the writers.Including Thor's strength level as we saw in Avx it's horrible writing, they basically turned my favorite comic character into a punching bag . Yet he's a planet buster level character.

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Sentry allowed Thor to win period.

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the all Father, Odin.

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@evilvegeta74: worf effect trope http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheWorfEffect

explains all of thor's recent beatings.

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I'll tell you this. Thor has never beaten Batman.

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