Who's the Greatest Thor?

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 The Thor Corps was not actually an 80s hair metal band.

Isn't it pointless to ask who the best Thor is? Out of all the names in the superheroic tradition, his would seem the hardest to make into a legacy mantle. Iron Man can lend his armors out and Cap can pass his shield down, but only the worthiest of the worthy can even lift Mjolnir off the ground. Thor is Thor. He's immortal and he's never going to age enough to take his feathered helmet off for anybody. That’s that. Or is it? Would you believe that Thor actually had his own corps (yes, the rhyme is intentional) like Green Lantern and Captain Britain’s? It’s been almost 20 years since they last assembled, so I won’t fault any of you maniacs for not being too familiar with them. 

While you'd be hard pressed to find anybody who thinks Thor isn't the best Thor, it's still fun to discuss how these other mens' styles of thunder godhood have so greatly differed. In honor of the spectacular trailer you all just watched recently, I figured it was appropriate to spotlight characters whom I deeply doubt we'll ever get to see on screen. If, somehow, Thor were to go into the old Odinsleep once again, which one of these heroes could fill in for him? == TEASER ==

THUNDERSTRIKE (First Appeared: THOR #391)

Out of all these would-be thunder gods, Eric Masterson is the only one who actually was Thor (both in title and in embodiment.) An architect who became Thor's civilian identity as part of another of Odin's punishment, he'd swap places with Goldilocks, Shazam style, and eventually got good enough to take over the role for a while. After a big mistake, he got demoted to the Thunderstrike identity, but received the consolation prize of his own enchanted mace. The character's more known for being dead now (dying in a fight with Bloodaxe,) but you can't think of a more fitting solution to humanizing Thor than a working class mortal who rocks a leather jacket over a regal red cape. 


Undoubtedly the oddest bird on the list, Bill's also the most controversial. While today’s readers are perhaps more accepting of a cyborg, alien Thor, creator Walt Simonson has often spoken about how revolted fans were by the prospect of a superhero this gruesome. Thors should be handsome, right? Odin granted him his own hammer, the more gavel-like Stormbreaker, after he proved worthy of Mjolnir and defeated the Odinson in combat. These days, you can expect this Korbinite to show up for almost every cosmic affair (why, he was just recently in THE THANOS IMPERATIVE). I’ll always root for him for being such an aggressive example of why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. He's the hero who looks likes a villain, the gallant defender who appears to be a horrible monster. 


Very much the red-headed stepchild here, Roger Norvell was an impostor set up by devious Aesir. Part of a documentary team Loki brought to photograph Asgard, he was given enchanted garments to battle Thor for his sometimes-paramoure, Sif (though they'd all mend fences later.) After ONSLAUGHT, Red filled in during the Lost Gods era of JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY and proved to be the ultimate fall guy. It turned out that Odin pushed him forward to die in Thor’s place to both fufill and delay the Ragnarok prophecy.


The closest thing to a Superboy for Thor, Dargo Ktor came (or comes?) from a dystopian future ruled by evil corporations. He was part of the Cult of the Hammer that's devoted to the thunder god but, thankfully, unlike the first Gog, this hero worshipper from the future didn't harbor an insatiable, deadly grudge against his idol. Little has been done with this guy since his days in the Thor Corps almost two decades ago, but I reckon it’s only a matter of time before he shows up somewhere. There's a lot untapped potential in a younger Thor with some rock 'n roll attitude. When it does happen, you can impress your pals by saying you already knew the skinny on this obscure character and didn't have to look him up.


Thunderstrike’s son, young master Kevin’s had an unusual career, by-the-by. The bulk of his appearances have actually been as a grown-up in A-Next, the latter-day Avengers of the MC2 future. However, we all know that children age rapidly in the Marvel Universe (even as adults’ ages stay frozen) and this timeline’s finally caught up with that future as Kevin’s finally grown old enough to wield his father's magical mace. An angry young man who blames the entire cape community for his dad's death, Kevin’s only just recently started his adventuring and he's been magically transforming into the spitting image of his old man. Out of all the would-be Thors on this list, he’s the one who will most likely prove important in the near future. Surely, he will challenge Thor soon to settle the perceived wrong that's been inflicted upon his family and then, who knows, maybe son will imitate father even more by taking the mantle of Thor, too. 

In addition to all these broard-shoulder gentlemen,  I should also mention Thor's evil clone robot Ragnarok, his would-be sidekick, Thor Girl, the cuckoo bananas false prophet Thor from the Ultimate Universe and, of course, the one to unite Asgard with New Genesis, Thorion.  
Once again, I put the question to you Comic Vine maniacs... were the hammer to ever fall out of Thor's grasp once again, which of these worthy warriors would you want want to wield it in his stead?

Tom Pinchuk’s the writer of  HYBRID BASTARDS!  &  UNIMAGINABLE . Order them on Amazon   here  &   here .  Follow him on Twitter:  @tompinchuk

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Honestly? Outside of Thor...as in THOR...I really only like to acknowledge Beta Ray Bill. The others didn't happen if you ask me.

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What about Thor Girl?

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If Thor lost the right to Mjlonir, in this modern era I'd want Thor Girl to take it up. Although, of course it'd just be given to Beta Ray Bill.

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 Vincent D'Onofrio     

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I always thought female Thor was pretty cool.

Earth-9997 Earth X

Earth-9997 Earth X
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@MysterioMaximus said:
" Honestly? Outside of Thor...as in THOR...I really only like to acknowledge Beta Ray Bill. The others didn't happen if you ask me. "
I concur
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PFFT Thor is the only Thor. 
Replacing heroes is just as generic of a comic idea as clones and death-rebirth
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Beta Ray Bill!

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I admit I'm partial to Eric as Thunderstrike, especially for his massive gallery of support characters and the common guy feeling they added, but I have to admit his costume was downright terrible.
Bill is probably the best "replacement".
Red was closer to the myth version of Thor but looked and feeled out of place in the MU with his constant remarks about being bigger and cooler than the original.
Kevin in MC2 was... good even if a bit flat character, in the regular MU his character is still in development.

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Ultimate Thor is my favorite 

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Let's give some <3 to THOR GIRL 

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I thought this was obvious.. 

Tis Beardy Thor...!  Yummmmm....
Although I can't help but adore Baby Thor & Baby Horse-Face too...
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the original followed by bill
#17 Posted by Jordanstine (943 posts) - - Show Bio

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@Vitality said:
" Vincent D'Onofrio     


Nice. Adventures in Babysitting...... 
My vote goes to Bill.
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I was aware of course of  Eric Masterson as Thor.  Was he the one that Thanos turned into glass and shattered during The Infinity Gauntlet ?  Knew some about Beta Ray Bill and little to nothing on Thor Girl.  Good write up.  For me, I guess it will always be Eric Masterson as Thor

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Horseface ftw 

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Outside the one and true God of Thunder, THE SON OF ODIN! THOR!

X-Factor 211


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@MysterioMaximus said:
" Honestly? Outside of Thor...as in THOR...I really only like to acknowledge Beta Ray Bill. The others didn't happen if you ask me. "
what are you kidding me  thor girl is awesome!!!!


:)  glad you like Thor Girl too. 
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ok so can someone explain more about that red norvell thing?  it sounds unlike odin to use someone like that.  
also, i just remembered that there was Thor Girl Skrull:

glad you made this list.  it was very informative. 
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Its not even up for debate. Thor and Beta Ray Bill are the only two who should even be acknowledged

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Man...tough crowd...no love for the FROG OF THUNDER! 

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How can we forget about the most powerful person to ever wield Mjolnir?  Superman.

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BETA RAY BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

  Don't get me wrong I really like Thor but Bill just has that horsey charisma!!!!
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Deadpool ofcourse 

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I liked Thunderstrike II, instead of rebooting Thunderstrike the way they are now, 
maybe they should have brought this guy in to modern comics instead of future comics:

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@Jordanstine:  Thor Girl is hot in that top picture but Beta Ray Bill takes the cake with 1st choice, 2nd Thor Odinson aka Donald Blake & 3rd Chris Hemsworth.
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Just out of curiosity what about Magni  or

Woden ?
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How can Frog Thor (Puddlegulp) not get a mention in this article! I am outraged! >__< 



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@Vitality: First Thor that came to my mind!
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 Honestly does anyone know what happened to Thor Girl after Avengers The Initiative? She was suppose to be heading towards Oklahoma to warn Balder about Ragnarok (clone Thor) but she never showed up, not even during the Seige Thor tie-ins. What's up with that?

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C'mon it's HHH... :)

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 There is just one real deal...

They are not the real deal, all of them are just fantasy...
lol... (If anyone gets the refference, I would be dissapointed)
For me none of them are that cool, the reason that I like Thor is because his alter ego is Donald Blake, the Idea of a God learning humilty is awesome, then for me f he is not Donald Blake, then he is not a likeable character (from my point or view)...
In the other hand, I really loved Ultimate Thor, he is another perfect incarnation, because he is not all-mighty, but stills powerful, and he fights an overpowered version of Loki, also his relationship with other characters like the other Ultimates
 Ultimate Thor
members makes more interesting his character.
  I like Beta-Ray- Bill too, because he is cosmic badass, and has horse face (LOL), but also because it's like having another Thor in Cosmic Marvel...

 Perfect Thor is Donald Blake
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Thor Girl, Magni, and Beta Ray Bill for the win. If a Thor Corps were to be put together, they need to be in it.

#39 Posted by I-Force (23 posts) - - Show Bio

Beta Ray Bill is the only Thor I think ever wielded Mjolnir with the requisite doses of nobility and justice and determination. He should be ALPHA  Ray Bill!  =)
#40 Posted by Druid (112 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the Ultimate Universe's Thor best. Too bad the writing for Ultimates went down the drain.

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Steve Rogers anyone? 

#42 Posted by Yummylee (18 posts) - - Show Bio

I quite like Beta Ray Bill, even if his name makes him sound like a wife beater wearing hillbilly.

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@The Hobgoblin: ...
He is not Steve...
#44 Posted by The Hobgoblin (498 posts) - - Show Bio
I'm pretty sure that was Steve when he went as only "The Captain".
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Bill and Thunderstrike
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Ultimate Thor is awesome, as is Bill, but the only real Thor is THOR.

#47 Posted by Deadcool (6920 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Hobgoblin: ...I see...
Oh well, I prefer Donald Blake
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(Bill Nye Theme) Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

#49 Posted by Skaddix (3111 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Thor-girl after Thor and Ultimate Thor.

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@I-Force said:
" Beta Ray Bill is the only Thor I think ever wielded Mjolnir with the requisite doses of nobility and justice and determination. He should be ALPHA  Ray Bill!  =) "
haha true he is my favourite too...

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