Who is Chris O'Dawd playing in Thor: Dark World?

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I'm calling this guy is going to be in the Stinger, as his role is specifically said to be post production. But who would he be in the post production? Doctor Strange? Hercules? Beta Ray Bill? Daredevil?

Who do you think?

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Could he be Ant-Man?

Not sure how I'd feel about that.

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@krspacet: Did Marvel confirm them being possibilities, or was that just a rumour?

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On IMDB it says his name in the film is Richard

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You mean Chris O'Dowd? The Irish fella? I LOVE him!

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@hyiena: Richard....well according to a quick search I did, there are a few Richard's in Marvel, but among them is this guy; Richard Rider...or at least I think this is Richard Rider. But hey, they have Nova Corps confirmed for Guardians, so why not throw him in?

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