Who has more powerful attacks, Thor or SA Superman??

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SA Superman would definitely win in a straight-out fight, but this is about who has the more powerful attacks

Thor's abilities:

Thor has too many more attacks than SA Superman to name, but I'll just name his most powerful. Energy absorption and projection. Thor was once capable of absorbing the energy of a Null Bomb which was powerful enough to cause an explosion to destroy an entire galaxy, meaning he could re-direct the Null Bomb energy and form the explosion to destroy an entire galaxy if he wanted but instead he directed it as a "Torrent of cosmic force":

Thor can absorb energy and project it by 100 times of its original power:

Theoretically he could destroy the equivalent of 100 galaxies if he's capable of amplifying the energy of the Null Bomb contained in his hammer by 100.

With Odin Force Thor is able to destroy as well as create galaxies with relatively ease. Odin Force will enhance Thor's energy capabilities to unknown amounts.

SA Superman is powerful but as for weaponry, he doesn't have a lot of abilities other than Heat-Vision and Super-Breath.

BQ: This is Thor's greatest ever strength feat, resisting the gravimetric attraction of a Neutron Star. Neutron Stars generally mass 4-8x the weight of the sun (masses more than 2 million earths), a lot of people have said that SA Superman is superior in strength but I've never seen any feats from him that proves that he can resist this amount of weight. This was done by Thor in his normal state, he's capable of entering a state called Warrior Madness where his strength literally doubles by 10.

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@Onemoreposter: Convince me

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@Onemoreposter said:


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@Onemoreposter: Refusing to answer the question and failed to convince me then, a welcomed comment? no. Gee you're cold.

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@Hemlin: SA superman was one of those character that could do anything so in logic SA supes has more raw strengh ahh screw it more of everty thing than thor .

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Is it possible for a Thor fan to create a thread that contains equal information for both parties?
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THOR he can control whether and his hammer can do so much more.

supes can only really spit ice and laser eyes.

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Super sneeze > Godblast.

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@TheMightyAvenger said:

Super sneeze > Godblast.

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Godblasts beats puny laser eyes.

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