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Jack Kirby was always my favorite for pretty much anything, I mean, he was...well, Jack Kirby

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Walt Simonson! Beard and all!!!! Kirby came in a very, very close second for me!
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lordraiden says:

"Walt Simonson! Beard and all!!!! Kirby came in a very, very close second for me!
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U beat me to it.

Walt has always been my favorite then Romita Jr.

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Jack Kirby

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Tom Raney and JrJr

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For me, Kirby had no equals on Thor. The man was born to draw the strip. Second was Neal Adams.

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Jack was great at laying out stories, drawing characters and showing movement. Vinnie's inks gave the early Thors a fine, artistic look that I have never seen in any other comic.

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Night Thrasher says:

"Tom Raney and JrJr"

My sentiments exactly, plus Olivier Coipel and Chris Cross

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Well, in Thor Copiel has certainly found the perfect outlet for his "brick like" male characters. chuckle

Seriously, I am enjoying the art right now very much. The facial expressions on the characters especially.

But I have a great fondness for Simonson, not only style and character design, but his battle choreography and layouts were impressive as well. I think (I think, and someone can correct me if I am wrong) he was the first one to use an entire splash pages in the middle of the comic (rather than just the first and/or last pages) to chronicle Thor's battle with the Midgard Serpent.
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 1.  Walt Simonson 
 2.  Keith Pollard 
 3.  John Buscema

 4.  Tom Raney 
 5.  Georg Perez 
 6.  Mike Deodato, Jr. 
 7.  Andrea DiVito 
 8.  John Romita, Jr. 
 9.  Jack Kirby 
10.  Ron Frenz

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 Walt Simonson

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Oliver Coipel and Jack Kirby

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oliver coipel
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@Loki9876 said:


oliver coipel



You state "Oliver Coipel" but post Micael Turner's artwork.  Why?
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well I mean Michael then I just like that artwork but I didn't remember the artists name I wrote Oliver Coipel in google because manny people sad his name and this picture came up so I assumed this work was from coipel. I saw this artwork in a few thor comics I have but I just didn't remember his name.

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