when thor got the odinforce why is it still called odinforce

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I think that it's to symbolize that Thor has the power of odin

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i think it should be called thorforce sound nice to me

#3 Posted by the a atar (47 posts) - - Show Bio

every one knows that

#4 Posted by the a atar (47 posts) - - Show Bio

every one knows that

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Thor's response on this thread....

This is what you get for asking too many questions!

God-Blasts thread

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I think they should call it the Speed Force.

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Sparda says:

"Thor's response on this thread.... *This is what you get for asking too many questions!* *God-Blasts thread*"


And I think that it's to clarify that what he possesses isn't his power, but his father's power.

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I prefer to call it and for it to be known as the Odinforce. 
It honors Thor's father and it tells a bit about where it came from.  Thor has always had his own elemental powers due to being the God of Thunder.  Odin was the All-Father of Asgard and it's denizens, and as such was nigh-omnipotent.  With Odin gone and Thor inheriting his power it makes sense to still refer to this power as the Odinforce so everyone knows just how powerful he's become.  Calling it the Thorforce doesn't quite have the same impact; for all anyone knows the Thorforce is only his previously mentioned elemental powers. 
Thor with the Odinforce = Invincible

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It does not matter anymore because it is just about gone now anyway. 

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