When did King Thor lose his arm?

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What issues where Thor became King Thor and fought the avengers and lost his arm?

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I recall him losing his arm in the desak fight, desak cuts off thors arm with a battle axe. You kidding thor still won with one arm, he kills desak with his own battle axe buy thrusting the battle axe into his skull. But then i think desak comes back though..... That is the way he loses his are though.

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Pretty sure Wolverine cut off his arm.

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1.) DAN JURGENs THOR RUN IS NOT IN COUNTINUITY ANY MORE, that future was averted at the end of said run.

but yes that king the lost the arm to wolverine.

2.) It has not been revealed how he lost his arm in the current continuity, but it will happen soon as the time runs out teaser shows modern day thor with a mechanical arm already.

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First female Thor, but now he gonna lose his arm? Fuck the Marvel!

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@movieartman: OMG Did you even bothered to look at the scan?? wolverine attacks his wrist so worst scenario he cut his hand but in the next scan his hand is there so he just make a superficial damage.

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