what is the timeline for thor

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he has to be really old because people here on earth have heard about his avetures for a long while, but if he was banished to earth would that mean that he is trully imortal or just a really long life time. i'm assuming it is a long life time because his father is getting pretty old and needs to take a nap once and a while

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@greenk_warrior: Asgardians aren't technically immortal, just very long lived. They can extend their lifetimes by eating special apples grown only in Asgard and harvested by the goddess Idunn. These apples grant the Asgardians extended youth and for all purposes, make them immortal by traditional standards. As for Odin, he takes the Odin-Sleep for periods of time to maintain the Odinforce, if I remember correctly. I believe in the comics in which Thor inherited the Odinforce, he too slept in this way too. As for Thor's age and timeline, he is indeed very old by our standards. He is easily over 1,000 years old. The Asgardians exists in Norse or Viking myth (according to Marvel) because they traveled to Earth at that time and were worshiped at gods. Thor was one of these gods, though he was much younger then. He was only banished to Earth in modern times to be taught a lesson in humility, which he as since learned and now travels between Earth and Asgard.

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