What does it take to lift Mjolnir?

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We all know Mjolnir, and what it is capable of. However, what does it require to be able to lift and use Mjolnir like Thor can?

This question has always boggled my mind and I have never got a clear answer to it, but from my knowledge two of the aspects include:

  • Honor.
  • Warrior's Spirit.

But that's all that I have grasped, i'm sure there is a lot more required in order to lift the hammer. So, what does it take?

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You need to embody what it means to be a Nordic warrior as well. That's why in the JLA/Avengers X-Over Superman could only lift the hammer when the enchantment was weakened, because he won't kill he isn't 'worthy'. Wonder Woman, on the other hand, can freely lift it.

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A warrior's spirit filled with honor, courage and, above all, humility.

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In The Older comics & revisited over the Years . Basically reads Only The pure of heart, noble of Deed, Virtuous & Honorable Being Possessing a "True Warriors Spirit" may Posses The Power of Thor & Wield Mjolnir. As mentioned This is a Viking/Asgardian definition of True Warrior(Fearless in battle, willing to Kill/destroy an enemy or threat , Defend & Avenge the weak ) Also over the years it seems self sacrifice is also part of this like in The case of Eric Masterson . & of course Humility

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I've always wondered this too. I think it's tailored to Thor's EXACT personality so only he can lift it. Hasn't Cap lifted it too? My point is way more people should be able to vs the number that actually have. Then again I guess people don't really go up to him and just grab his hammer.

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Judging from marvels Thor book. You have to become extremely slow and have a reaction time of a snail.

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I made a blog about it once. Was quite interesting. Revolved around...

  • Willingness to kill for pragmatic reasons.
  • A sense of Nobility or superiority.
  • Honor and valor - Goodwill.
  • A warriors lifestyle.
  • A few other things which I forgot...
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Warrior's lifestyle.

Willingness to kill

Strong moral center.


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A Hand


If not that ^^ then space

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being worthy in the eyes of odin.

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