Using M-Body?

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Hi! I'm just browsing and finally came into the term M-Body. Well I knew that abstract beings use M-Body, but then I saw Thor used that, however I can recall that event. Can somebody post a scan about this?

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I too saw this on, and I'm pretty curious,

Is this something to do with escaping the cosmic cube?

Will someone please reply

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What is m-body ?

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I think another word for m-body would be a avatar. Most people would believe that higher powers came down to this plane using a avatar. I would not see why Thor would use one because well its just not his style. But beings that do not have a physical body would use one.

Like the comics beings say Death or eternity or Fate.

A being with so much power they have no sex just pure thought and in most of these times they appear to whom ever in a form most friendly to the person viewing them , speak in the language and look like one of the natives.

Unless it is evil then it may appear to the the group as the most vile most hated or most feared person in all creation. Some would argue that Odin used them and others would say no because Odin simply changed shape and walked the 9 realms as himself one reason one of his names was The Travler . If he employed Avatars then he would have always been in Asgard and this is not the case.

I believe the Egyptian Gods were more famous for using avatars but I would have to research the subject more.

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