Thor's power level coming back?

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Do you guys think Thor's power level is going back to that of Classic Thor's? I have been reading some recent comic's, and came to the conclusion that maybe writers want im back at regular levels. Well Chains Amour Thor wasn't that far from Classic Thor, but after seeing how Thor apeared in Marvel's Now Avengers, and in Thor God Of Thunder, maybe he will be back to Classic levels. I'm not really talking about his feats, rather i'm talking about how he is shown. Like a true Thunder God. I hope he is. What do you guys think?

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Don't really know it would be cool but now I'm not really bothered Thor has always been a powerful character and as long as he is In a good story that's grand for me

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I think in general, that too many online comic fans read into what writers and editors are doing as far as characters power levels are concerned. What I mean by that fans may distinguish between classic and current Thor and things like feats, writers and editors really really don't see it the same way, UNLESS... You get a writer who is a huge fan of the character and read all that characters stories appearances prior to getting their job as the characters writer. Not only that depending on how many books you are reading it may a bit more complicated if that character appears in multiple books. Different writers you see with different methodologies and writing styles and ways of viewing characters and power levels. Opens up to different reader interpretations. You get a guy like Greg Pak writing Avengers and you get lines drawn in the sand, a writer like Bendis and you'll get five different opinions over one issue he wrote as far as a characters power levels relative to another with different ways of justifying each interpretation.

All that still being said I think Jason Aaron Thor's current writer is a big fan of Thor and not just in the sense of here is my next paycheck and or he is my next character to serve as a platform for my ideas. I think he views Thor as this big mythical, universe spanning super being, with a vast history and a godly cut and that when people read about Thor thats the sort of figure they want to get. I didn't get that from Fraction, or Bendis, and its too early for me as far as Hickman and Hickman seems invested in his new Avenger characters a tad bit more. Though he did say he enjoyed writing Thor quite a bit. Anyway I do feel that Thor is in for some good times, better than maybe the last year or so, but I still miss Gillen on the book, and I felt Oeming was vastly underrated. For me the crown jewel would be to have a big Thor fan writer on Avengers as well, since the best way to really highlight an impressive Thor? Isn't by having Thor fight his own characters and villains and new enemies, but by showcasing him against traditional Marvel characters, his interactions with other big name popular characters. Dan Slott would be an awesome writer in this sense, since he is a life long Marvel fan, you give him a team of Thor, Hyperion, Sentry, Silver Surfer, Blue Marvel, Gladiator and Black Bolt and screw what some fans think as far as "objective" rigid character rankings, you'll get a writer delivering Thor right at the top because thats how he sincerely views it. At least from what I have heard. Oh and naturally Dan Slott would never put that team together it would be boring lol but as far as points go.

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I hope so...

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@Z3RO180: Have I found someone Irish on comicvine? :D

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@Oscars94 yer close I'm from Scotland :P

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@SC: very good, and I agree. The writerdoes matter a lot. There would be power difference if Stan Lee wrote Thor, and Bendis.

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Wolverine had it coming for him. Lol, a mind contolled Wolverine attacked Thor, so now let's see how Wolverine can take it.

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Is Thor mind controlled in this scan? I really hope not.

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@cmartin said:

I hope so...

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@OmegaRed86 said:

Is Thor mind controlled in this scan? I really hope not.

Yes. Also why do you hope not? Well in the battle fourms it's going to give Thor a next reason to lose through T/P.

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Best Thor costume so far !

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The utter disregard for thor's Resistance to tp is a shame, but at the same time, suck it wolverine. This makes up for that piece of sh** crossover that people try to use as a standard for thor.

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@Z3RO180: Cool!

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they better

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