Thor's Hammer

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Does anybody else remember this. I think I remember this but am not sure. Anyway I thought that when the hammer was being made the dwarf had to take the hammer out of the forge before it was completely finished and because of this the handle was shorter than it was intended to be. Did this happen or am I off on this one.

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Loki did that in the real mythology, so that Thor could not grip it as well. I can not remember off the top of my head if that is the same case for Marvel Thor.

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Obviously this is not the case with the comic book Thor, but in mythology the handle was much shorter than intended. The story goes that Loki had cut off the golden hair of Thor's wife, Sif as a joke. This angered Thor and the other gods who were about to kill Loki. Loki promised to make things right and went to some dwarfs famous for magical blacksmith work.

They created new hair for Sif spun of real gold, a Spear for Odin which never misses and a ship that could sail on land & sea. After presenting these gifts to Sif and Odin Loki sang the praise of the dwarfs who helped him. This angered rival blacksmith dwarfs who believed that they could create greater gifts. Loki bet his head that they could not. While the rival dwarfs set out to create superior gifts (a golden boar, an armlet, & Thor's hammer),

Loki,disguised as an insect, attempted to distract the dwarfs by stinging them. This caused them to mistakenly make the handle of the hammer shorter than intended. Still, Loki lost the bet because the gods still were in awe of the finished work. Loki didn't lose his head because he argued that they could not remove head without touching his neck.(His neck was not part of the bet)

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Thanks for the answer. I believe you are right. I do not think this is the case for the Marvel Thor.

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