Thor VS Raiden

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Thor VS Raiden ( Death Battles )

Who thought this was accuate?

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My computer sucks, so I can't even see the first minute.

Who won anyways?

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Thor did, that was a pretty sick little cartoon cheesy video haha. The end of it was a bit of an overkill like they said. It is accurate to a point, but I believe Raiden would have put up a better fight if he was at his elder god level, the video didn't show him in any way that he was other than him teleporting and using a little bit of lightning, both should be invulnerable to lightning anyway. If Thor was in his rune king mode/version, Raiden I don't think would stand a chance even if he had his elder god level, may be a little. Thor CANNOT lift over a million tons, unless if the midguard weighed that, then I could be wrong. I found their mjolnir theory about it weighing over a million tons was a bunch of nonsense though.

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@lanebad6: Thor has shown many feats that put him square in that class and above, he knocked the earth out of orbit arm wrestling Hercules, stalemated the hulk for an hour, lifted the midgard serpent that wrapped itself around the world, overpowered the surfer with physical might and the same to beat ray bill

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@lanebad6: Thor can lift a million tons.

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@Hoarderofhilarity: The only things you said that most likely accomplished lifting a million tons was that he knocked earth out of orbit ( I don't really recall that he disrupted the Earths orbit, though I most definitely recall the arm wrestle with Herc) and lifted the serpent. Stalemating the hulk for an hour or overpowering the surfer doesn't really show he can lift a million tons.

@Pyrogram: Then why don't we ever see him beat the hulk? Pretty sure I know the answer to that, but tell me your opinion.

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@lanebad6: Beacuse lifting strength does not equal fighting strength in most cases... Beacuse they are both ultra strong, Thor has lifted what you statedm Asgard for example.

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@Pyrogram: without any effort ....officially said he can lift millon without effort ..

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@Pyrogram: and THor has had feats of strenght that hulk has not touched the midgard serpent ...there is noooo feat that shows the hulk doing anything similar...that 150 billion ton mountaiun is like an ant compared to the midgard serpent ...and the hulk even stated he could barely hold ......while thor did not even seem to be straining that much ..

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@sommyt: Midgard Serpent wasn't THAT impressive. The feat gets skewered so bad that 95% of people don't even know the right context behind it.

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Ok if u say so

I do say so. Unless you want to give me the correct context?

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I finally watched it.

Well,it was accurate..

  1. Thor holds back
  2. Thor gets the crap beaten out of him
  3. Thor is pissed
  4. Raiden is screwed
  5. *Insert overkill scene here*
  6. Thor wins
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thor is just wayy to powerful for raiden. dont get me wrong, raiden does have godlike powers but thor. can destroy planets. but raidens wayy more badass though. i bet the asgardians would switch raiden with thor, that i could see happining.

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Raiden. to fast for thor.

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I enjoyed this battle because it was a goood battle, incredible effort by the folks that did it. good job

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I enjoyed this battle because it was a goood battle, incredible effort by the folks that did it. good job

They did a terrible job thors immune to all of raidens powers and can fly faster than raiden can react one punch for thor turns raiden into a stain on the wall

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As a huge MK fan ill happily admit I like Raiden infinitely more than Thor but IMO this battle was dumb. If Thor is truly as powerful as some people make him out to be then there is no way mortal Raiden could hang with Thor. Elder God Raiden possibly, but we don't even know the extent of his powers as a god nor do we know the extent of any of the Elder Gods powers. So we don't know how powerful he is in that form. That's why I think this battle was dumb and kind of pointless lol


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