Thor Video Game Teaser

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It's not working :/

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@Baddamdog: Maybe you weren't "worthy"? I talked to Odin and set him straight. It should work for ya now.
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Looks good. Is it based on the upcoming movie or the comics?
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@ComicMan24 said:

" Is it based on the upcoming movie or the comics? "

 Only one shot of the actual gameplay and it looks incredible.  More Thor = good, in my book anyway.
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they had this at the marvel booth at SDCC - not enough to judge anything about the game by, but sega's track record with marvel based movie licenses has historically been less than stellar-  lets hope they right this wrong...

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@Ry Fryy:
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Wow don't know where to start, I am liking the idea of a Thor game.. and I liked the first Iron Man "movie" game, although it had less to do with the movie then it had to do with the comic. And Sega did that one didn't they? I wonder what type of bad guys you'll see in the game, I am hoping someone like Grey Gargoyle or even the Wrecking Crew make an appearance.

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Based on an upcoming movie, made by SEGA. No, definitely not good idea. But I will wait for results.

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I am growing to like this movie and game.  Much more so than I thought I would, and infinitely more, to this point, than Cap's movie.  Unsure if Cap video game is coming out?

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Looks good... which I played video games though!

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Is this being developed in house by "Marvel Studios"? Who is that exactly?

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The film is going to be incredible- all the posts on this site have concurred, and I am inclined to trust their expert opinions. And when you have Kenneth Branagh, the RSC player who boasted he could "out-Shakespeare Shakespeare" (and succeeded, to a point), directing it what do we expect. It lends a sort of credence to the whole superhero sub-genre that I appreciate.  
The video game... we shall see. Generally I have not been a fan of games based on films- they tend to be kind of shoddy (probably rush production to get them out around the same time as the film to build on fan hype and increase sales). But who knows, the trailer looks good, and if the movie is quality enough maybe it will bump up the game quality as well. At least thats what I'm hoping.  
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Hope the cutscenes are better than Iron Man's and Iron Man II's combined! lol

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I'm a huge Thor fan, but I'm really skeptical about this game. Sega + movie licensed games = suck! 
I hope I'm wrong.....but I doubt it.
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Well that was one of the worst video game teasers of all time. I have wanted a Thor game all my life though so this is a must-buy for me even if it sucks, (which it almost undoubtedly will).

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Damn, look at the part where  Thor  is standing its really pixelated.

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If it's anything like the two Iron Man games that Sega made it is going be to worse than crap.

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hope its sand box game play

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Movie tie in + Sega = Fail
Movie tie in games suck. They always have. The closest exception was X-Men Origins Wolverine, where the game was much better than the film. But in that case, it was because Raven was working on mechanics for a great Wolverine game before they adapted it to the "plot" of the film. Also, the story was still not very good. It was all about gameplay and those nods to the comics (like the alternate costumes)

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@G-Man:  lol
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Sorry, there's just no way it will be good. Sega haven't made a good game in a long time, they haven't made a good action game in an even longer time, and Iron Man 2 was an abomination (they exceeded expectations by making it even worse than the first one, which nobody thought possible).

Thor will be bad, Green Lantern will be bad, Arkham Asylum II will be fantastic. Simple, really. :)

Oh, and I'll make another prediction, because I'm just that good. The Avengers game will also suck...

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narration by Pablo Francisco?

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Looks good, but Sega as the developer? thats the kiss of death.

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with all there money I thought they'd be able to make a game with good graphics

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I haven't encountered to many games based on movies that are actually good so we will see.

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I know it's the general consensus but I'm afraid i have to concur, the involvement of Saga in this project has taken my expectations down somewhat dramatically. 

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hmm, I'm not going to hold my breath for a stellar movie AND comicbook based game 
by Sega 
but I love the idea of an all Thor game 
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the trailer looks good but normally movie games are a bit rubbish to be honest.

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I hope they learn something on the God of War games and apply it to this one...

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Hopefully a better adaptation to VG than most others!!!

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just not interested in anything Thor

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looks like Wolverine Origins, i dunno what to think

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i like it. nice video.

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Looks cool

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Why does everyone say that Marvel games put out by Sega suck?

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it was def lack luster.

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