Thor The Dark world at Toy Fair

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These two images interest me. One depicts thor in the helmet on all of the movie boxes. Could this mean he wears it in the movie? Also the other shows a possible different costume thor dons in the movie.

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The Dark Elf looks appropriately creepy. But wow, the other costumes that Loki and Thor look very...unsuperheroic...

I hate to draw comparisons between Thor and LOTR/Game of Thrones, but those black outfits really do look more medieval than Marvel.

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ThEy look cool

#4 Posted by Asagod (292 posts) - - Show Bio

They're not bad

#5 Posted by UncannyLantern (14 posts) - - Show Bio

I am going to reserve any judgement till a trailer comes out, having said that I am glad that they may be giving the helmet a shot. If it doesn't work out then it can be removed for Avengers 2

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They look cool, but I doubt he'll have it in the movie.

They had several action figures for the first film that he never had in the film.

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