Thor issue 8 thoughts. (SPOILERS)

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I liked issue 8. Thee wasn't a lot of action, their was a bit but not much. This issue is pretty much build up towards something big between Gorr and the Thors. By the time the issue ends all three Thors are together and the interaction between the three of them is funny this has hyped me up something awful :)

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i have enjoyed reading this series so far, yes sir.

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Everything in the issue was pretty excellent save for the "Girls of Thunder." Not sure how necessary that was to the overall story. This issue was weaker than most others, but it was still a fine issue. All of the stuff with the Three Thors in the last few panels was brilliant, with an entertaining cliffhanger to boot. Can't wait for next issue. I think this is easily Marvel NOW's best solo series thus far, and I'm loving how it's mostly self-contained (much like Waid's Hulk, which is also very good).

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Making it rain fire in on a planet that works against the gods using their powers with his Hammer is a great feat for a respect thread if there was one.

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Easily one of the best things Marvel Now has produced.

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I personally am not a big fan of this series, sure i like how they have shown Gorr as a pretty serious badass and how his back story while average helps us understand what he is doing, i just feel the story is sort of out of place.

Also the whole idea that Gorr lets god take a break on 7th day ?? Arent we heading a wee-bit towards bible god, established chronology of Marvel Gods pretty much shows Asgard and most gods different from their bible incarnation (apart from you know Thor and co having absolutely no connection with bible). I did not like the idea of them connecting marvel gods to bible god, i like their established cosmology in terms of what gods and demons are in marvel.

Also never a huge fan of time travel, and people being plucked out of time stream willy nilly without worrying about general repercussion, more of a personal opinion than anything else.

#8 Posted by HaveAtThee (692 posts) - - Show Bio

I think that little quip about the "7th day" was a bit of a satirical poke at the monotheistic beliefs (Christianity/Judaism/Islam), not so much having anything to do with Marvel canon.

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@killemall: "Arent we heading a wee-bit towards bible god, established chronology of Marvel Gods pretty much shows Asgard and most gods different from their bible incarnation"

well i think that was the point, and as well in the early parts of the bible, YHWH was represented more as if he was like Thor or Zeus

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