Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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I have this question after seeing every movie except for Avengers which is still not out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Does Thor have the same powers as in the comics? or he is close to Ultimate Thor (only has his powers with belt+mjolnir)? because I know he is turned into a mortal in the beggining of the movie but then he gains mjolnir and becomes an imortal again with all abilities he was supposed to have. But is Thor of the MCU capable of doing the same feats he can in the comics without Mjolnir and without being turned into a mortal by Odin? I know the movie didnt really expained/showed this that's why Im curious. Probably gonna have to wait for the Avengers/Thor 2 to get this answered

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I think it's still early to tell. In early Thor stories (616), he was turned back into a mortal if he didnt have access to his hammer after a minute. It seems like they've left that out of the movies, but Thor hasn't really shown superhuman powers when he was stripped of his hammer in the movie. I guess you could argue that he still has super strength on the count of that one scene where he knocked out all of those SHIELD agents, but that just could have been because of his unique fighting style.

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@Gambit1024: in that scene he didnt look like he had super strenght, maybe a bit of enhanced strenght, but I donno about super strenght.

and that's kinda the point, when he didnt have the hammer he also didnt had his powers because he was in his mortal form as Odin's punishment. What I wonder is if he while in asgardian form still has the same abilities he would have in comics w/out mjolnir

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I think Odin took his powers, not only his hammer, in normal cases he has his powers whitout the hammer (I think) Odin says in his speech: ... and I take away your power...

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@Loki9876: good catch, now that I remember he does say that. I just checked the scene when he gets his hammer back in the movie and he gets hurt which means he definitly didnt have his powers and then when he is deemed worthy a lightning strikes and he gets his armor back too and his wounds are repaired. So now Im presuming that this means he also gets his powers back. Still not sure if he has them without mjolnir but I will assume that yes he does

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He should but we'll have to wait an see to be sure.

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He is closer to 616 Thor. The reasoning is the origin, with the frost giants and being banished to Earth. However, it is changed from the comics, where when he was banished to Earth, he became a "lame" mortal Donald Blake. He found his hammer in Europe and later regained his memories.

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