Thor fear itself????

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ok so at the end of fear itself 7.2 we see thor in a white room then over the page there is zoom in on thor eyes were the are open and a caption that says stoyis begin and above that it says fear itself thor or thor fear itself any way so ovisly thor death was just a way to interdouse a new story for him so can any one tell me when this comes out if there is any news on it.

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Hes on a boat with other gods on a journey to be eaten by  Demogorge. A gods true death.

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@Dernman: that seems kind of dumb even for marvel

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Last I seen Thor he was on a boat going into the mouth of Demogorge

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@CapitolPunishment:I think that will not be thors end cause i think they will bring thor back in the next issue or the next two mounths.

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Yeah, Thor will probably be back soon to whup Tanarus' a$$.
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@Z3RO180 said:

@Dernman: that seems kind of dumb even for marvel

Very true

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@D3athstroke: hopefully they bring him back in the next issue cause it seems pointless to kill one of there biggest characters a couple of mounths before he is to show up in a movie.

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that death was pretty lame... I feel like he's going to be coming back very soon though...

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Marvel editor 1: "They aren't selling enough, what do we do?"

Marvel editor 2: "Uh, kill Ult. Spidey! We'll bring him back later."

Marvel editor 1: "Yeah! Wait... but this book, it's not selling enough! What's next?"

Marvel editor 2: "Uh, um, alright kill Hercules!"

Marvel editor 1: "Yeah! Awesome! Uh wait.... they're still not selling enough, what do we do now?"

Marvel editor 2: "Uh, umm... oh crap, let's see, ok we got to do it. Kill Thor!"

Marvel editor 1: "Yeah! OK then! Let's hope this work this time!"

Disney guy walks in the door: "How's everything going, true believers?"

Both: "Awesome! Yeah awesome! Couldn't be better!"

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