Thor-Clear skies ahead?

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Well, it's been a while since the dark ages of Thor, at the moment the only book treating him with legitimate disrespect is Avengers Assemble. Thor's been treated fairly well, he's got a fight with horseman sentry coming up, a new power at his disposal (Lorn bolt), one of the best solo books out at the moment, etc. What do you all think? Are the bad days at an end?

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his days of jobbing are not done yet sadly.

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Compared to the dark ages of the Bendis/Fraction combo, Thor is flying pretty high right now. His solo title is a critical success and his appearance in Remender's Avengers title has picked up greatly as of late. I'm pretty excited for the meeting between the Uncanny Avengers and the undead horsemen of the Apoc Twins, mostly for the action scenes that Acuna will get to tackle.

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I think and hope so.

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He's doing pretty good at the moment.

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