Thor best feats of durability

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What is the best feats of durability he have ?

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The best, I don't know! But fighting the Hulk to a standstill during an hour is not bad at all! :) (Avengers-Defenders War)

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@eaeyomi: These are all Classic Thor feats.

  • Tanking Celestial attacks
  • Tanking Destroy Amour attacks
  • Tanking Odin attacks
  • Tanking weight of half a planet
  • Tanking weight of a couple of planets
  • Tanking planet destruction
  • Sitting in sun
  • Tanking attacks from Surtur
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and Now tanking PF attacks.

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To be honest his durability over the years has been inconsistent. 
He takes some great his one month and then the next he gets tackled down by much less the next. 
Yes I am aware this happens to most characters...but as of late this occurs to Thor more often than most.

#7 Posted by yahweh (326 posts) - - Show Bio

@Kallarkz: @Thor's hammmer: @jeanroygrant:

It makes no sense, one day he's tanking attacks from reality warpers, next day he gets owned by Rulk with his own hammer in space.

Completely stupid, IMO.

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