Thor and his Tectonic Controlt

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Lets be honest for a minute about his earth based powers because from what I see he rarely if ever uses them. I mean for a being that create planet wide storms he sure does sucks at using his other abilities to their fullest. From what I've read his most impressive showing with them was creating that huge divide in Africa. I know it sounds nice but when you think about the fact that Hulk can do the same thing when he gets angry then it seems way less godly. I'm a huge Thor fan and any other fans know that he's been pretty much looked over when it came to powers being upgraded over the years. Thor has had these powers for years but Superman's new sonar powers already seem more useful. I know he is the God of Thunder but he is also a child of the earth as well and his powers should reflect that. Even during the AvX he only relied on his usual powerset. I'm going to need him to hang with Terrax(if he did survive someway) and learn how to throw some weight around with the planet.

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LOL i agree.

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same here

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He always seems pretty underplayed. I completely agree. Whenever I want to see some Thor action there always seems to be a lack of it.

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Agreed. I'd really like them to explore the other powers he has at his disposal. The interesting thing about the Asgardian gods was that their enemies could defeat them (i.e. they were not considered omnipotent in their universe). The writers really need to explore new enemies who are gods or demons in their own right, but have come about through new sources of divine energy.

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Glad I'm not the only person that feels this way

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