'Thor 2' Release Date Pushed Back

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We're going to have to wait a little bit longer for Thor 2. Originally it was set for a July 26, 2013 release but Disney has announced that they will release Phineas and Ferb on that date instead (I guess it's based on a Disney Channel series or something).

Where does that leave Thor?

Thor 2 will be released on November 15, 2013. Right now, it seems to be the only big release set for that date. I'd rather my comic book movies not come out during SDCC season. No reason has been given. Let's hope the extra time is used to make the movie kick even more ass than it would have if released earlier.


Patty Jenkins (Monster) will direct Thor 2.

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That first image says it all. "Ffffffffffffuuuuuuu.........!!!!!"

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@G-Man said:

That first image says it all. "Ffffffffffffuuuuuuu.........!!!!!"

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Crap, I think I killed this comment thread with that.

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see? i said it for years disney would kill the company and they did it by releasing... PHINEAS AND FERB? sounds like a bad STD! yup, lets hope the new head of disney in 2015 unloads it so they can be their own company again.

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Let's hope the extra time is used to make the movie kick even more ass than it would have if released earlier.

Is it just me, or does every comic book movie seem to get pushed back, and then we say THAT, but that extra polish never seems to make the movie a winner??

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After seeing the Avengers trailer I totally forgot all about this. It's only three months tho, could be worse :P

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Phineas & Ferb is the stupidest pointless show on Disney sucks Thor 2 got pushed aside for that garbage show

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@sladewilson30: San Diego Comic-Con. This year, Captain America came out during and there was no way I was going to sit in a theater, even if it was right before the con opened on Thursday, to watch when there's so much other work to be done.

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Either they're going for an Oscar or Thor's not gonna make a lot of money. This is a really bad move as far as the release date goes. Thor's supposed to be a Summer blockbuster.

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I like Phineas and Ferb. One of the better cartoons out there right now. 
But anyways, I didn't find Thor to be that great of a movie. I felt like they rushed it out to be on time with the Avengers film.

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My first thought is that the fall is a bad time for action movies, but maybe it will be good, because the comic movies were stepping all over each other this summer. Spreading them out over the year may actually create less burn out among movie goers and actually get it (and the others) a bigger audience.

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Pushed back for Phineas and Ferb? Really, Disney? -____- 
@G-Man said:

That first image says it all. "Ffffffffffffuuuuuuu.........!!!!!"

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I hope we see Enchantress!

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I think it is good that they pushed the date back because there has a been a lot of superhero movies coming out lately and I think they should be spread out a little bit more. So, puching back the release date I think is a smart thing to do.

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Hmmmmm, interesting use of the first picture right there with him on the verge of what looks like dropping an F-bomb! Haha its okay though...I don't mind waiting a little longer for Thor2 since by then I'll still be in post-nerdgasmic rush rom Avengers.

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@xhavoc86 said:

I hope we see Enchantress!

And Balder and Hela.  Oh and Jord ( Gaea), as well.
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH MAN!!! but at least we cab say what we want in my blog a few months back.. remember? Also, my friend FireFlare153, finds him annoying, so troll his page for his Thor hate, I do it to him everyday!

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They just announced that Patty whatsherface is on to direct. Great. My expectations just went from pretty high to sort of "I just hope it's ok".

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@G-Man said:

That first image says it all. "Ffffffffffffuuuuuuu.........!!!!!"

Well put.

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@G-Man said:

Crap, I think I killed this comment thread with that.

Nope you didn't

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man thats messed up!1!!!! even though i love phienas and ferb only good cartoon cartoon right now i WANTED THOR 2!!!! at least we have the avengers -sigh-

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Might give them a bit more time to work on the film to make it even better so no worries here

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Can't remember if it was in the original theater showing or not, but the DVD release states that Thor will return next in the Avengers movie anyway instead of a direct sequel so what's the problem? I'm more surprised that Disney is actually making a P&F movie that's getting released to theaters since they already made one direct to TV/Video.

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As one of like, two people I know who didn't like Thor very much, I kind of don't care. I wonder if the trouble they seemed to have locking down a director is the reason for this? Though, isn't there another Marvel film scheduled for release that summer? Iron Man 3 maybe? I can't remember, I just think that maybe they don't want to put them too close together this time around.

X-Men: First Class wasn't Marvel studios specifically, but it was a Marvel property and it showed up with summer with two other Marvel movies... maybe they'll figure the movie will do better if it's not so closely positioned to whatever they're releasing that summer.

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I'm okay with this. who said sequels have to happen asap after the first? It never used to be like that. It's not like we wont see him in Avengers next year anyway.

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They moved it to November? Why the Hell November?

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Marvel!!!!!! arghhhh!!!! YOU ARE AN OLD MAN AND A FOOL!

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@G-Man: Lol! I was thinking the same too.

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Summer, November...as long as we get the movie...

To paraphrase a quote from a great man: "Don't get your panties in a bunch, kids!"

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As long as it's good; I don't care.

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I just wanna see Enchantress in it...

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the first thor movie was good. hope the second one is too.

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