Thor 2 Movie/Fan Wish List

#1 Posted by Malevolent1 (1100 posts) - - Show Bio

It appears the Thor 2 movie is initially slated for November 15th, 2013. It appears much of the original cast is returning. Evidently, this movie is centered around one of the nine worlds (not earth).

What would you like to see for the upcoming Thor 2 movie? Villain(s)? Amount of action? Romance (if any)? More Loki or less Loki?

I got a suggestion for a scene: The movie opens with a distressed military aircraft nose diving toward the south pacific ocean (a C-17 Globe Master); it has just been winged by anti aircraft fire from a group of terrorists local to the Asian continent. Thor is on the Shield Helicarrier and is dispatched. Placing himself in front of the nose of the massive aircraft, Thor, one-handed (the other hand twirling Mjolnir by his side), gradually slows the fall of the craft. Gently, he manages to sit the craft down on a Japanese runway. Applause erupts from the local airport employees. He notices a particularly loud cheering group and looks up to notice a bill board advertising a Superman movie. He narrows his gaze at the sign, smiles, huffs and walks off.

He he.

What would you all like to see in the new Thor movie?

#2 Posted by Loki9876 (3322 posts) - - Show Bio

I want Balder in the sequel, as the villain I want the echantress and by her side skurge, I also want a scene in hell were Hella is.

#3 Posted by sagejonathan (2212 posts) - - Show Bio

No romance (although they always do), lots of action, and a new villain with a little Loki maybe.

#4 Posted by OmegaRed86 (518 posts) - - Show Bio

Less comedy, less romance.

Ain't nothing funny or romantic about facing the Celestials or Surtur.

#5 Posted by Nudeviking (485 posts) - - Show Bio

Last Stand of Skurge!

#6 Posted by THORSON (3102 posts) - - Show Bio

how about a helmet?

beta ray bill

god blast

thor levitating in the air

#7 Posted by Asagod (304 posts) - - Show Bio
  • Thor needs the helmet
  • Thor needs a challenge (someone who could really defeat him)
  • Thor needs to crush some cannon fodder's skull
  • Thor needs more strength feats (he doesn't have many)
  • Thor needs to be a little more ruthless
#8 Posted by SC (14622 posts) - - Show Bio

I want Sif to have a big role and cut fools up big time. Like seriously want her to have a badass moment. I want Kurse to stomp and make mountains shatter and trees fall down. Since they won't be on Earth for a lot of the movie, you can have Kurse like stomp around like a boss. Then then if you have Kurse doing all sorts of crazy strength/power demonstrations, it won't make him look too bad when he loses to Thor eventually. Then again maybe he might beat up Thor really bad in the first part of the movie so he can come back later.

I want Enchantress build up as well. Oh and want to see Thor fight without his hammer. So more Sif, a cool badass Kurse, oh and give me a creepy Malekith too, creepy and creepy. Oh and some Thor and Loki team up too, that would be cool.


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