The power of Thor? Mojlnir.

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When they say whoever is worthy that holds the hammer will have the power of Thor, do they actually mean that that person can fly and will have super human strength?

Some examples and comparison would be Beta Ray Bill and Steve Rogers.

I believe Steve Rogers was able to go toe to toe with Skadi who actually had superhuman powers when Sin was empowered by her hammer. So was Steve Rogers technically on par with Thor physically? Or had some kind of amplification?

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That's the way it's suppose to work. Beta Ray Bill & Eric Masterson are the best examples @ having gained Thor's power set. I don't remember anyone else that lifted the hammer using the whole powerset. I think there was a red-headed guy but his name escapes me.

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Yes once Steve rogers picked up the hammer he gained use of Thor's base set of abilities Super Strength, durability,Basic knowledge of Mjolnirs abilities ,weather control ,flight, dimensional powers, Energy control, absorbsion, & emission, The only thing Hammer wielders don't get is Thor's personal magic/godly abilities & stunts/exotic abilities he created over the centuries. This is why you've never seen Beta ray Bill use powers like God Blast, Anti-force, or grant wishes ,ect,(but the potential is There) Beta ray has utilized more cosmic control aspects of his hammer. By the it was Eric "Red" Norvell, as a Cool side Note Steve rogers is the only mortal to wield Mjolnir & not transform to physically resemble Thor like everyone before or since. Thor has proclaimed in the past that Steve Rogers is a kindred Warrior spirit & thinks of him as a brother, this might be why. never truly explained though . hope the info helped

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