The Mighty Thor or Journey Into Mystery?

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I'll apologize from the start if this topic has been done before.

I have liked Thor, Asgard, and the cast of characters around him for a long time. One of my favorite possessions is the The Mighty Thor Omnibus by Walter Simonson my mother gave me last Christmas. After seeing the Avengers I really want to have a book with some good Asgardian tales, but I only want to add one book to my pull list.

The Mighty Thor appeals to me because of, well, Thor and it has a little more action. However the stories seem a little repetitive and bland compared to those in Journey Into Mystery. I really like the spin of JIM and it's focus on Loki, but the absence of Thor can be a drawback. I'm not one that has a distaste for a great story, but the wall of text given to you in Journey Into Mystery can become a little boring at times.

So, which do you guys think is better or worth being bought monthly?

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@TheAnnihilator: Thor v3 #1-12 +600 should do the trick. Trust me when I say, you can't go wrong with Michael Straczynski as writer and Olivier Coipel as artist.

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@royale_with_cheese: I'll check that out, but I'm wondering more about the two current ongoing series if you have an opinion on those.

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@TheAnnihilator: Are you planning to read them post or pre-Fear Itself?

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@royale_with_cheese: Post. I'm up to date on both of them through either reading my friends' or buying a few issues here and there. I just want to be dedicated to one of them.

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@TheAnnihilator: Then honestly, I would pick neither. Your money is better spent someplace else. Journey into Mystery was going well during Fear Itself, but issues after that tend to flounder. If there really wasn't any other choice; Mighty Thor for the art and JIM for the story.

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@royale_with_cheese: Thanks. I'll just keep both of them off my list until they improve. That disappoints me, but I like seeing Thor fighting with the Avengers best so the current arc of Secret Avengers works. The Avengers arc might show him off a bit too.

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I like Thor and he's my favorite Avenger. Before I discovered Thor, I hated any kind of thing that didn't take place in cities and technology (my close-mindedness). And through the world of Thor, I was introduced to Journey into Mystery. I LOVE those books, and the direction it's taking.

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