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Recent THOR: THE DARK WORLD Greenwich Filming Details, Photos And Videos Surface

No main cast members of the Marvel sequel were sighted, however, Chris Hemsworth's ‘Thor’ stunt-double, Bobby Holland Hanton, and Christopher Eccleston's ‘Malekith’ double returned to The Dark World set today. And action with the Accursed villain and his Dark Elf army feature in new photos (via @MisterGreenwich) and scene details (via Expederest), while videos (courtesy of @Nailbiter via BadTaste) show the titular hero going airborne seemingly at their force.

(Spoiler Warning)
All the rubble and stuff is from a spaceship that crashes into the grounds. It’ll be added with CGI later on. So will more of the damage caused by the crash. The wing also destroys the pillars on the left (in this picture), that are covered with blue. Malekith leads an army of elves over the rubble, which is where the ship would of crash landed. On Monday, they were filming a scene that was supposed to be set outside Charing Cross underground station. I assumed this meant that Greenwich was just doubling for other areas as normal. However, it’s actually also doubling for itself! From what I remember, there are two worlds occupying the same space, and it has something to do with the Prime Meridian Line (or timeline as the guy insisted on calling it. I vaguely remember them saying it has a mystical or magical aspect about it.”


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