The 10 Most Awesome Moments In Walter Simonson's 'Thor' Read Mor

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Nice article. Simonson's issues were before my collection started. He must have been good.

I dislike the Beta Ray stories though.

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Very good post. His run on Thor was classic. He did great on Orion for DC also. In my opinion, he raised the bar for creativity. Comics need good writers. Anybody can do "Hulk Smash."

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I,ve got some news for Thor fans. If you appreciated Walt Simonson's run on Thor. He'll be back at the helms in the the spring. No disrepect to the writers or artists who carried the torch. They did good stuff.

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Simonson's run on "Thor" was possibly the best ever, which is really saying something considering Lee and Kirby's epic stint on the title at it's beginning and the fact that it followed shortly after the mega-epic "Celestial/Eternal Saga" by Roy Thomas, Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio and Keith Pollard which, at the time, I thought would always be the best Thor creative team.

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